A compression spring is a wise choice if you need something flexible that can also apply consistent pressure to a product and keep it securely in place. Whether to keep a battery inside a product or lock a door, they’re valuable in any industry. Learn more about what compression springs can be used for and how we can help manufacture the perfect ones for your application.

Main Uses of Compression Springs

Compression springs are some of the most popular types of springs available. They are found in many everyday products, including:

  • Household items
  • Door locks
  • Electronics
  • Car parts
  • Medical equipment
  • Precision instruments
  • Industrial machinery
  • Mobile devices
  • Ballpoint pens



Invest In Reliable Compression Springs for Your Application

Compression springs are an ideal choice for clients that need something resistant that helps keep their product in place. The expert manufacturers at Taylor Spring make high-quality compression springs that can meet your application’s requirements.


By grinding the ends of compression springs in-house, we ensure they are perfectly perpendicular and work flawlessly. Please contact us if you have further questions or want an initial quote today.