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Secondary Department

Secondary Department


While our computerized machines can do amazing things to produce your parts complete without any extra manual operations, there are some customer requirements that can only be done manually. We have done things such as produce a wire form and then attach a customer-supplied part to the wire form.

Secondary Department Services

The Taylor Spring Secondary Department has a wide range of services to offer. These include:

  • Hand Tinning of parts
  • Color Coding
  • Insert and glue Ferrite Cores
  • Miscellaneous Hand assembly
  • Grinding of compression springs


Taylor Spring offers Anti-oxidation coatings such as Protecto 5630 to help ensure longer shelf life to the coils by slowing the oxidation of the stripped leads.

Stress Relieving

Many springs will require stress relieving after they have been formed. We have electric conveyor ovens that can process your parts immediately as they come off the production machine. We also have the ability to use a batch oven for situations where a comveyor oven may not be appropriate.

Special Packaging

Taylor Spring can offer various packaging methods for your parts:

  • Bulk Packing
  • Poly bagging
  • Tape and Reel
  • Hand Packing into customer supplied trays

We have have the capacity to fill any special requirements, so let us know what you need.