Taylor Spring Compression Springs
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Compression Springs

With a range of wire sizes from .005" to .196" and expertise in all types of compression springs, Taylor Spring Manufacturing Company can meet your specifications with a high degree of flexibility. Our comprehensive production department includes 4 CNC coiling machines and 3 end grinders to precisely grind the finished product when necessary. In the production of all spring types, we have positioned electric conveyor ovens at each coiling machine so that springs are stress-relieved only seconds after coiling. This method allows for precise process control and offers excellent product uniformity.

Ground Compression Springs

Compression Springs often need to have ends that are perfectly perpendicular to the force of the spring. To achieve this, the springs need to have the ends ground to compensate for the natural tilt that exists when you wind the compression spring. Taylor Spring has 3 End Grinders that allow us to meet the grinding needs of a wide range of wire sizes, so that your springs can be completed in-house.