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Thru Hole Mounted Coils

Thru-Hole mounted coils are used just like the name describes, the leads of the coil are inserted thru the holes in a printed circuit board where they are attached with solder.

Surface Mounted Coils

Surface mounted coils are used printed circuit board where they are attached with solder to pads on the board rather than thru holes. Often they are robotically placed on the boards and we can offer tape and reel packaging to facilitate this. In order to be properly soldered to the board, the parts must be produced to tight specifications so that the part lays flat and makes contact with the board. Trust Taylor Spring's 6 decades of experience to deliver the quality that you need.

Wire sizes for insulated wire can range from 6 AWG to 28 AWG while bare wire can be from 6 AWG to 30 AWG. The number of turns can range from just a straight length of wire to 70 turns depending on configuration of the coils.

Secondary Department Services

The Taylor Spring Secondary Department has a wide range of services to offer. These include:


Taylor Spring offers Anti-oxidation coatings such as Protecto 5630 to help ensure longer shelf life to the coils by slowing the oxidation of the stripped leads.

Special Packaging

Taylor Spring can offer various packaging methods for your parts: